Themed panels

The LARM conference will be organized around 4 keynote speeches, a general paper sessions and a number of themed panels. Our experience is that themed panels help to focus the debate by posing certain common questions.

When submitting your abstract on EasyChair, please consider whether your contribution will fall naturally within one of the themed panels. Links to the descriptions of the themed panels can be found in the right hand menu and below.

Panel 1: The practices of exhibiting sound (Mortensen & Søndergaard)
Panel 2: Infrastructural Sustainability and Curatorial Practices of the Digital Archive (Antoniazzi)
Panel 3: How to make radio and sound archives work for audiences? (Watson)
Panel 4: Who keeps the memory? (Mäusli, Declercq & van Dijk)
Panel 5: Challenging the homogeneity of ’media language’ (Thøgersen)
Panel 6: Transnational Radio Encounters (Föllmer & Kreutzfeldt)
Panel 7: Radio and Music/Music Radio (Michelsen)