Project structure

WP 1: Project Management, WP-manager: Bente Larsen
1.1 LARM website and project database (WPM: Bente Larsen) 1.2 Copyright (WPM: Harald von Hielmcrone)
1.3: Outreach & Research publication (WPM: Per Jauert) 1.4: Small archives (WPM: Bente Larsen & Jacob Kreutzfeldt)
WP 2: Technology
(WP-manager: Ivan Dehn, FSK)
2.1 Archives Transfer 2.2 Ingest and Storage 2.3 Tools
2.4 Web and SaaS 2.5 Webservices and Local Platform 2.6 Operation and Support
WP 3: Development of a national bibliography on radio
(WP-manager: Tonny Skovgård Jensen, SB)
WP4: Work Group (WP-Manager: Jacob Thøgersen)
4.1: From analogue to digital archives 4.2: Users 4.3: Technology and infrastructure
4.4: Auditory aesthetics and culture 4.5: Innovation & dissemination formats
WP 5: Cases
(WP-manager Jacob Kreutzfeldt)
5.1 Design and evaluation of information architecture
(WPM: Birger Larsen)
5.2 Language politics and language variations
(WPM: Jacob Thøgersen)
5.3 Radio for children and youth (The B&U case)
(WPM: Erik Granly Jensen)
5.4 The Unheard avantgarde
(WPM: Morten Søndergaard)
5.5 Formation and information
(WPM: Erik Svendsen)
5.6 Radio orality
(WPM: Bente Larsen)
5.7 Radio on new platforms
(WPM: Per Jauer)
5.8 Radio syntax
(WPM: Jacob Kreutzfeldt)
5.9 Radio and Music
(WPM: Morten Michelsen)
5.10 Interaction design
(WPM: Barnabas Wetton)