At the moment, the digital infrastructure and the digital archive, which in 2013 will contain more than a million hours of sound, is being developed. The entire system has been named the Cultural Heritage Archive Open System, or in short CHAOS.

When CHAOS launches medio 2012 it will contain more than 1.000.000 hours of radio from a long range of Danish radiostations, among others the entire broadcast from P1, P2, P3 transmitted in the years 1989 – 2005, and sound from Københavns Radio (Radio Copenhagen), SKY, 100FM, regional stations and more. It will at the same time contain metadata for the broadcasts, alongside a selection of tools for listening, annotating, linking to, and making playlists of the recordings.

The infrastructure is developed in coorporation between the University and State Library, Danish Broadcasting Corp., and the Danish Research Network with help from users around whom the work of making the sound material available for institutions of higher learning in Denmark is centered. These users, who are part of the LARM-project, will have access to the not yet fully developed system in order to test the available functions. The system will be a work in progress, and while under development irregularities may occur and the reliability of the system will be low. The beta-test is of great value to the final state of the system, and developers appreciate the patience of users testing.

What content will be made available in the beta-test?

In the first beta-edition of CHAOS around 50.000 hours of radio from the University and State Library will be made available. These will be a selection from the archives covering the period from July 2005 to March 2010.

You will find:

Channels P1, P2, P3, P4-København, and P4-Østjylland from the Danish Broadcasting Corp. aswell as SKY Radio and Radio 100FM.

The recordings consist of one day of broadcasting from selected days. In the first beta-test these days will be Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in unequal months. 4 days a week in January, March, May etc. until November.
The Danish Broadcasting Corp. will at the same time make 68.000 files (2 hours each) available in CHAOS.

You will find:
Channels P1 (21738 files), P2 (16590 files), P3 (29351 files), and P4 (329 files) from the Danish Broadcasting Corp.
Who will have access, and do I get access?

At the moment an agreement have been made with the Danish Rightsholders Organisation Copydan to give participants in the LARM project and a limited number of users from the LARM institutions access. To gain access your institution will need to sign an agreement with the WAYF secretariat (the LARM-WAYF-Agreement) and all LARM institutions have recieved the necessary paperwork for signing. When your institution have signed the LARM-WAY-Agreement usernames/passwords for the individual users in the LARM institution will be created by the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK).

When you have recieved your username and password, you can login here.
You can contact the developers

You can view roadmap from beta-release in January 2011 to full launch of CHAOS further down this page. The roadmap and the specific functions of the system will be fitted to user needs and the general needs of the project during beta-testing, why this roadmap is object to change.

CHAOS (beta)
Milestone 2 | January 1st 2011
250.000 hours of radio with EPG metadata.
Workshop about specialised tools in February 2011.
Available functions:
Login (WAYF)
Browsing (Calendar)

The next milestone will be July 1st 2011. At this point CHAOS will contain roughly 350.000 hours of sound material with EPG metadata.

The University and State Library will add material from their dayly archiving with EPG metadata continously from this point onwards.
Depending on feedback from users and the workshop held in February 2011 more functions will be made available.