The Missing Bit – a lecture by Michael Seadle

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The Missing Bit

I begyndelsen af november får IVA besøg af en delegation fra Humboldt-Universität i Berlin. I den anledning holder Professor Michael Seadle en forelæsning på IVA i Festsalen i København den 10. november kl. 15-17. Forelæsningen er åben for alle.

This lecture considers a problem in digital libraries and digital archiving from the viewpoint of a critical but often forgotten participant: a single bit. The personality of a bit depends on its location. The consequences when it goes missing depend partly on technical implications, partly on human judgments about meaning. The reasons for it to be missing depend on environment, engineering, and also human choice. Among the issues that will be discussed is whether we as librarians set higher standards for integrity and authenticity in the digital world than in the legacy world of analog objects.

Vi inviterer alle interesserede til at overvære forelæsningen.

Adressen er:

Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi
Birketinget 6
2300 København S
Tidspunkt: 10. november kl.15-17

Michael Seadle

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